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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jute Gyte-Ritenour's Earth(2012)

Most people do not think of black metal and or drone-doom when they think of Missouri. For all that I know it is so desolate and bleak that all Adam Kalmbach aka Jute Gyte has to do is be very prolific at these said genres. I have followed Jute Gyte since the beginning and I kind of like the fact that you do not know what kind of release that you will getting each time. He produces very calamatous black metal that doesn't sound like anyone else in the game today. He also does ambient, drone-doom, or whatever the hell you want to call it today? Ritenour's Earth falls under that latter category. I usually do not like this sort of thng unless it really stands out. I do not care for the ambient work of Burzum, nor most of the slo-mo bore-fest work of Sunn0))). But this record is another beast altogether, and a very listenable one at that. I can't recall when I listened to a release of this sort all the way through, let alone wanted to listen to it multiple times?

There are 2 shorter, and by that I mean under the ten minute mark, and 2 really long tracks on this release. All of them have different enough feelings as to where is doesn't sound like one continous song. I think this is why I want to listen to it many times. The centerpiece of the record is the second track, simply called "Night". It clocks in at a little over 23 minutes, and sounds very similar to some of the soundtracks to Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento's fine works. The other epic track, "Day" is 33 minutes long, and while it does have some sinister elements, it is very "sunny", and deserves it's title very much. The other 2 tracks, the shorter ones called "The Crossing" and "The House" are excellent as well, and I have to wonder if Adam was making a soundtrack of his own with this release. If so, he has some very cool and cinematic thoughts going on in that disturbed mind of his. Here is to hoping that he never moves from Missouri, if that is where he is gaining his inspiration from. If you like this sort of thing, or just raw black metal, check out Jute Gyte, he definitely has something in his already vast catalog for all adventerous metalheads to check out.