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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skjult(aka Hidden)(2009)

Here we have my 4th installment of the After Dark Horrorfest 2010 reviews, and things are finally looking up again. After Dread and The Reeds, I was ready to quit on my reviewing of these films. Good thing I watched Hidden next, and have had my faith restored. Hidden is a Norwegian film, and I was very much looking forward to it, after the Nord's brought forth Dead Snow last year. The film is subtitled, and no option for English dialogue, but you shouldn't let this deter you from seeing this film. It is a very beautiful, atmospheric, dark, and open ended film, that's open to several interpretations.

The story follows Kai Koss(KK) a little boy who abused, mistreated, and locked in the basement by his evil old Mother. One night he breaks out of his underground prison and escapes. He runs through the thick forests, and onto a highway in front of a semi-truck, to avoid hitting the boy, the truck swerves and hits a parked car on the side of the road. The car is holding a man and a woman, while their young son was peeing on the side of the road, witnesses this whole accident. KK sees the young boy(Peter) take off into the woods, and is never seen again. Cut to 19 years later, and KK returns home, when his evil Mother dies, to take care of the details. Coincidentally, some murders of local kids start happening when he gets there as well, and the locals are convinced it's KK. KK however, has seen a mysterious man wandering about his abandoned house, and through the forests. Has Peter really been surviving out in these woods all these years? Was he held captive by KK's evil mother? Is KK really the killer, and just imagining Peter? There are lots of questions that you can only solve by seeing Hidden. This film is recommended whole heartedly, and has many good scares, and keeps you interested throughout it's running time. My favorite so far of this years ADHF.

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