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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Reeds(2009)

This is my 3rd review in the 2010 After Dark Horrorfest series. This one will be short and (un)sweet, because this movie was so bad! That really pains me to say, because I looked forward to this one the most out of this year's batch. The title, the poster, all of it seems to be calling to me, and I knew this was gonna be a hell of a horror movie. Well, ADHF suckered me again, this movie blows! It has one of the best settings I have ever seen in a genre film. Fields of reeds in the middle of a remote lake in the English Countryside, what else could you ask for? Some cohesion, some plot, and some decent scares.....that's what.

A group of friends go on a trip to the aforementioned location, and get stranded, and start getting picked off one by one. Had they played this like a straight-forward slasher, this would have been great. But instead, they introduce at least 3 different plot lines into the story, and never explain or resolve any of them. You have a group of wild children acting strange and chasing things. You have a possession/alien story going on, and you also have some form of time travelling going on.....and NONE of this is explained. Steer clear of this stinker at all cost!

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