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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ready? Ok!(2008)

Ready? Ok! is one of those awesomely amazing endearing films like Napoleon Dynamite. It does not posses any of the sardonic biting wit that ND possessed, but the main character is one of the underdogs that you find yourself rooting for, no matter the circumstances. The story concerns 10 year old Josh, who attends a private Catholic school, and wants nothing more than to be a cheerleader. The school will not allow it because he is a boy. His single mother, while nice enough, doesn't understand Josh, and pushes him to be a wrestler, because that's "what boys do". He has no father, and his uncle whom he loves, nurses a hefty case of OCD, and can't stay in one place for very long. His grandmother loves him unconditionally, and will do anything for him. But his true friend is his neighbor Charlie, an older gay man, that teaches Josh to follow his heart no matter what people tell him that he should do. It doesn't have the ending that you would expect, although it is a happy one. I was also glad that they didn't push the "gay" angle onto Josh, although it is readily apparent that he is. I applaud the director's decision to not exploit that angle of the story, and take it out of the family element that is present throughout the film. It is available on Netflix Instant Watch right now, so take a peek at it, it will warm your heart.

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