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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Graves(2009)

Here we are at review number 6 in the After Dark Horrorfest, and I am starting to kick myself for ever taking on this challenge! The Graves isn't the worst film in the fest, but is so mediocre that I barely remember anything about it, and I only watched it last night. Everything is by the numbers, nothing stands out, I can't justify any reason for seeing this.

2 sisters go into the desert to see the World's Largest Thermometer(????), and end up lost in the town of Unity. They are told that they are a long way from their destination, but should check out the local Skull City mines instead. They tell them that it's a haunted ghost town. It starts out like a rip off of any 80's slasher movie, but we notice that when people are killed something comes out the ground and sucks their soul away. The "killer" is killed off early in the movie, and Bill Mosely shows up to take his place. His performance is a repeat of every character he has ever done before. Too many plot points are introduced, and none of them are fleshed out. It also features Tony Todd( I should have known better), and singer of the Heavy Metal band Lamb Of God, Randy Blythe, whose performance is so laughable, I can't believe he held a straight face. Stay away from this unless you are a sadist, like myself.

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