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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vitamin Burgers Top 10 Rock Records Of 2011

10."Celebration, Florida"-The Felice Brothers   Roots rock done entirely right.

9."Demolished Thoughts"-Thurston Moore    If he keeps making records like this, I won't mind the SY break-up.

8. "Bad As Me"-Tom Waits    The best record from Tom in a VERY long time.

7."The Rip Tide"-Beirut    The most beautiful travelogue ever recorded.

6."David Comes To Life"-Fucked Up   The Punk version of Quadrophenia.

5."Bon Iver"-Bon Iver     Despite the hype, the most beautiful winter record ever.

4."Hurry Up, We're Dreaming"-M83    The sound of John Hughes crying.

3."Only In Dreams"-Dum Dum Girls    According to I-Tunes, my most played of the year.

2."Smart Flesh"-The Low Anthem     I can only cry so much.

1."Smoke Ring For My Halo"-Kurt Vile   J. Mascis and Bob Dylan in a civil union.

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