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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

B-Movie Badasses:Don Stroud

There are some actors that are just born to be bad, and Don Stroud is the best of them. A character actor that started working in the late 60's, and i can't recall more than 3 of his films in which he wasn't a total asshole! You just really love to hate this guy. Don only did a few Horror titles: Sweet 16, The Amityville Horror, and Death Weekend, but he was ubiquitous in exploitation and B-Movie titles in the 70's and 80's.
Aside from all of the film work that Mr. Stroud has appeared in, a quick look at IMDB will show at least 50 different Television shows that he has appeared in. There is no way to tell, but I am willing to wager that in 95 % of them, he was the villain. Not only was he a good bad guy, but he is a damned good actor, and one has to wonder why he never made the jump to bigger roles and better pictures? If I were a filmmaker today(or Quentin Tarantino, or Rob Zombie), I would use Mr. Stroud in a flat second, in hopes that it would revive his career. For some reason, he was on an acting hiatus from 1998 until 2009, and recently he has landed a role on the new version Hawaii Five 0. Maybe this will to bigger and better things for the best badass in the land?

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  1. I just watched Don Stroud on an episode of Murder, She Wrote. He looked fantastic. I'm more used to him from the 70s, but I kind of liked his 80s look! :)

    He was also in Playgirl. I was kind of shocked by that for some reason.

    Great to see a little Don love! :)