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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vitamin Burgers Top 10 Metal Records of 2011

10."The End"-Gallhammer    The sound of crusty bolts and nails on spin cycle.

9."Worship Music"-Anthrax     Thrash makes it's real return, it's name is Joey.

8."Through The Cervix Of Hawaah"-Antediluvian   Portal doesnt have a corner on this market.

7."The Great Southern Darkness"-Glorior Belli    If Zakk Wylde had a Black Metal band?

6."Under The Eye"-Ride For Revenge      Crust will tear us apart.

5."The Word.The Flesh.The Devil"-In Solitude   If only all Mercyful Fate worship was this good?

4."Noregs Vaapen"-Taake      Oh play me some Mountain Music.

3."Fallen"-Burzum       Viking Vocals meet Burzum in a glorious cacophony.

2."Impermanence"-Jute Gyte      Tell me again the States have no good Black Metal!

1."Social Disservices"-Panopticon     Never has Black Metal came with this kind of message, devour it!

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  1. I dunno if Ricky checked any of these out this year. But I'll show him this post in case he hasn't. :)