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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year(Promises, Promises)

Wow, 2012 is here! As a child of the 70's, it sure sounds funny to say 2012. It sounds like one of those post-apocalyptic films of the 80's that I loved so much. Last year was a horrible year for Vitamin Burger! My partner has some severe medical problems, and most of my time was dedicated to him. Also, for much of my adult life I have been an addict of some varying degree. This got to ridiculous levels in the past few years, and well anyway, I am now clean and sober for the first time in my adult life! Most addicts will tell you that they drink or do drugs to combat boredom, and that is exactly right. I had a hard time writing or focusing on making music unless I was high. Then when I got high, I was focused on where the next buzz was coming from. Now that my priorities are in order, I should have PLENTY of time for writing, and doing things that I love. This week I am on vacation from my job, and I hope to get some reviews up for you guys that have stuck around through the dry spells. If you have, thank you so much, having a few of you that read the things I post, helps me tremendously. Here's do a great(and sober) New Year!!

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