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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Boneyard(1991)

Chances are, you haven't seen The Boneyard. It is one of the most underrated horror films of the early 90's, and it was the victim of one of the worst advertising campaigns that I have ever seen. Just about every video or DVD release that this film has had, they have plastered the "killer poodle" image on the cover, and said creature appears in the film for about 2 minutes. I would have capitalized on the fact that veteran actors Phyllis Diller and Norman(Three's Company) Fell, appear in the film. All of us video store hounds know how the wrong image on a cover box can doom a film to obscurity, and that is what happened to this film.
The film is about 2 detectives who enlist the help of a psychic to help them solve the murder of 3 children by a mortician. Most of the film happens in a mortuary where the bodies of the children are being stored. The cops and the clairvoyant go to look at the bodies, and find the murdered kids have turned into creepy zombies, bent on destruction. The first half of the film is moody and creepy and the second half develops more into campy horror. The Phyllis Dyller zombie has to be seen to be believed! The aforementioned Zombie Poodle makes a quick appearance, and is really kinda goofy and funny. It's a shame that more horror fiends haven't seen this, and know it for what it really is....a creepy, supernatural, horror film, with some corny laughs.

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