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Friday, February 5, 2010

Black Vomit-Jungle Death(2009)

If like me, you think you know exactly what your getting with a band named Black Vomit, you couldn't be more wrong! Fitting in the small, but ever growing "psychedelic/experimental" Black Metal genre, that still doesn't even begin to explain the music that pours forth from "Jungle Death". This is one hell of a hard record to pin down down, let alone review, so I will make some casual observations. Not much is known about the band, other than they hail from England, and are on the small, but hip, Rusty Axe label. There really are only about 10 minutes worth of Metal music on this hour plus release. I heard bits from many genres: breakbeat/ambient/techno/bedroom BM/jazz/ and post-punk, and it all sort of melanges into one big, scary soundtrack of sorts. There are very little in the way of vocals either, and those are buried deep in the mixes. There are samples of speeches, movie dialogue, and lots of background stuff to fill out the atmosphere. There is one straight up BM song, and one that sounds similar to Xasthur, and one epic song that centers on a drum loop so crazy and catchy that you don't mind that the song is over 13 minutes long. I can only confidently recommend this release to the most open minded of metal listeners. If bands like Aluk Todolo,Varghkoghargasmal,and a Forest Of Stars get you going, you just might be up for this?

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