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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Klaus Kinski

Klaus Kinski, where to begin? Probably one of the strangest actors to ever grace the Silver Screen. He looked very strange, and from the many stories I have heard, he acted even stranger. He was apparently not an easy man to work with, but I have always found him very fun to watch, and he played in one of my favorite Horror films of all time, Nosferatu(1979). The way he looked in that film scared me for years, and it seems that most people can agree that is best performance of all time. Recently on a podcast, someone mentioned Klaus, and I wanted to post pics and remind people of two slasher films he did in the 80's: Crawlspace and Schizoid. They are both great films for being slasher films, and I think his portrayal as the maniac in Crawlspace is a precursor to the Hannibal Lechter character. Crawlspace was released on MGM DVD, but is now out of print. Schizoid has never been released on DVD, but you can find VHS or a DVD-R copy of it, that one also features the great, Donna Wilkes.

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  1. He was really one of a kind. I enjoyed Crawlspace, and also his Spaghetti Western work, particularly Bullet For The General. I'd love to see Nosferatu again, it's been years...