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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rainy Day Movies

There is something about a beautiful rainy day, that brings out the nostalgia in me. I want to relax and watch the movies that I loved the most as a child. These days are my favorites, and have a feeling I'm not alone in this, here are the posters from a few of my favorite rainy day movies, I'd love to hear what your favorites are as well.


  1. "The Goonies" is definitely on my list. "Grease 2", I love as well. I would have "The Princess Bride", "The Odd Couple", and "Ghostbusters" on mine too.

  2. Good choices too Steph, I have never been too big on The Princess Bride, although I don't hate it. I haven't seen The Odd Couple in so long, I need to fix that!

  3. Great choices! I love the Princess Bride too.