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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 Most Underrated Horror/Slasher Fims Part 6:The Mutilator(1985)

The Mutilator(aka Fall Break) is a very polarizing slasher film, you either really love it, or really hate it! I was one of the fortunate few that caught this at the theatre, because it was a very limited opening. Luckily, the south has a reputation for loving sleazy horror films, so we used to get all of the new cheezy treasures. In the theatre, everyone was hooping and yelling at this little film, with really bad acting, and some of the most inventive ways to kill people ever captured on screen. I couldn't imagine any slasher fan not loving The Mutilator, and if you don't, maybe you are not a slasher fan?

The story is a irrelevant as any slasher film, young Ed decides to clean his father's gun collection for a birthday present. Accidentally Ed fires a gun, and it goes into the next room killing his Mother instantly. Cut to 10 or 15 years in the future, and Ed and his friends are headed to the beach to close up his father's condominium. When they arrive they notice that several of the weapons that Ed's father has collected are missing. Before long the kids start getting picked off one by one. Now the acting may be horrible(Morey Lampley, I am talking to you), but the special effects are amazing!! That is where The Mutilator excels, we get the infamous "fish gaff in the girls cooch scene", there is a boat-motor massacre, a machete rammed in the face, fishing weights thrown into heads, bodies being severed, I promise you won't be let down.

The masters of horror, Vestron Video released this on VHS back in the day, in R-rated and Unrated cuts(don't even attempt to watch the R rated), and Code Red was supposed to release this on DVD last year. Sadly, that never came to fruition, in true Code Red manner, they are holding out for a better transfer of the film or something. If you haven't seen it, and really want to there are import discs that you can order, but most are missing the gaff scene. Maybe Code Red will get off of their asses and release it this year, because I am in dire need of a Fall Break!


  1. In some ways, I guess I see The Mutilator as another Prom Night. This is because of the interesting backstory. I think Prom Night is often looked over because of the pacing or maybe it feels by the numbers to some, but the undercurrent of betrayal and revenge are really intense. I think the Mutilator hit on something there... I mean this kid KILLED his mom! No wonder dad when all nuts and stuff. It's kind of a great little bit of character analysis, ain't it?

    I love this movie. It's bad alright, but so much fun! Also, as anti-remake as I am, if someone could expound upon the backstory between the father and son, and can keep the made SPFX, then we've got a winner.

  2. Great title, great tag line, great poster. Love your blog Mitch, you deservemore followers!

  3. Thanks Igloo Keeper that means alot, I am steadily trying to work on that, but there a million and one blogs out there, and it's hard to build up a reputation!!

    Amanda, again you are so right, the backstory and the gore are the most interesting aspects of The Mutilator!!