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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Skeleton Crew(2009)

I decided that I would not just review films that I like, sometimes you need to get the word out, so other film lovers can avoid those films. Or if you are like me, a bad movie lover, it might convince you to check it out anyway. I usually can find something to like in every bad movie, not so really in the movie I am about to discuss.

Skeleton Crew is a brand new horror film out of Finland. I haven't seen many films from this tiny country, but they have some of the best Black Metal that the world has to offer, so I decided to give it a chance. Anchor Bay usually puts out some decent stuff, and thier trailer made it look delightful. I have to say that it did have some decent gore, and that was it's only redeeming quality. It borrowed very heavily from the overrated "torture porn" genre. If you have seen any of the dreadful Saw or Hostel franchise films, you know what you are going to get here.

The film starts out with the "movie within a movie" scenario, and unfolds to be a film crew in an abandoned Mental Hospital, shooting a horror film based on actual murders, that took place in that exact location. 30 years ago, a Dr. Andersson, killed and tortured his patients, and recorded for posterity on a hand-cam. Needless to say, the director of the film, becomes possessed by the spirit of the Dr., and starts killing off the cast, to make his own movie. Sounds cool, doesnt it? Maybe on paper, but it doesn't translate well to film. I can say that this film holds the honor of having the most annoying actor ever, in any film that I have ever seen. David Yoken is that actor, he has to be seen to be believed. The ending is one of the biggest cheats that I have ever seen, and doesn't leave you feeling resolved, only pissed off!!

In conclusion, fellow bad movie lovers may wanna check this "shit pickle", but I can't rightfully recommend that you do so. If you want to check out Yoken's performance, just so that you can say you have witnessed the worst actor ever, then go for it!!


  1. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed David Yoken's performance. His character was obnoxious to be sure...which was the point. And as for the film in general, while it was cliche, I felt that it had a nice metatheatrical dialogue taking place and was of interest - even if that diaologue did not play out to a final conclusion

  2. What was the point in the ghost part of the story. They showed up once then never even mentioned again. And the bit where they were watching theirselves was utterly pointless. Reminded me of Spaceballs. And is it just me or where there references to a whole load of Schwarzenegger movies????
    Stupid film. I would highly recommend it to everyone. It has to be seen.