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Monday, August 10, 2009


As a music lover, I don't just listen to music to pass the time, I like to get something out of the experience. That's why I love lyrics, and pay attention them closely. One of my favorite bands is Phosphorescent, a Brooklyn by way of Athens, Ga band, that has wormed thier way into my heart with Matthew Houck's beautiful and sparse lyrics. They recently did an album of Willie Nelson covers(For Willie), and Mr. Nelson was so impressed, he got them added onto this year's Live Aid concert. Here are the lyrics for one of thier most beautiful songs......enjoy!!

" Toes Out To Sea"

drink in the darkness

then in the morning wake to sing

i'm only breathing

to soak in the sweetness that you bring

your pursed lips blow

perfect o

as you break your body

like waves onto me

so take my finger

and trace it along your parts that glow

but satisfaction is something

i don't guess i'll ever know

and i don't know

where to go

and i don't know

what it is you'd have me to be

barely walking

to carry yourself back home to sleep

it's cold to let go

but colder the longer that you keep

and you don't know?

your family ghost

won't be tamed

just by trailing your toes out to sea

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  1. I love Phosphorescent but I just wish he'd let me straighten up his house for him LOL