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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Horror Movie Image Experiment:1980

I decided to do a fun little experiment, and post it to the blog. We all know that you can get some crazy results when you do image searches on Yahoo. So I decided that I would do this for every year of the 80's(the best decade for Horror, IMO). I type in Horror movie images and the year, and I use the first one that pops up, even if it didn't technically come out that year, and say something about it. I'm sure there will be some that I am ecstatic about, and want to ramble endlessly about, and some that I loathe, and might say two sentences about. So let's see how this turns out.........
Prom Night is definitely not one of my favorite Horror films, and I would have never chose to write about it otherwise, so this might be cool. A lot of my friends, and people on the message boards that I frequent, absolutely LOVE this film! I have never been able to understand all of the hype on this bloodless slasher film. It opens great, and I absolutely love the scene with the kids playing the game, and the little girl falling out of the window. If the film had kept up this pace, it definitely would be one of my favorites. I actually like several of the characters as well, although Jamie Leigh is very wooden in this one. I guess my complaints are, like I said, it is bloodless, there is absolutely no gore in this film, if released today, it would definitely qualify for a PG-13. It's really more of a murder-mystery than a Slasher, which is fine, if it hadn't been promoted all over as a Slasher film. Another reason, is that it is a very dark film(no, I am not talking about tone/content), it's actually very hard to see what's going on. But, I will say that I don't absolutely hate the film, even though I have listed a ton of negative aspects about it. It's OK for a time waster, and I watch it every 5 years or so. Also, it spawned some very cheezy, but fun sequels(which have nothing at all to do with the original film), that are great fun to watch if you can find them. Lastly, I am sure all of you have seen this film, so I won't worry about spoilers*, the kid that plays Alex, the killer, is so horrible, and I think most of my negativity towards this film, lies in his hands. C'mon fans, leave some comments, and convince me otherwise. I would love to hear your thoughts on the film, pro or con, and also on this experiment. If it is fun, I might do the 70's and the 90's as well.

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