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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sleepy Hollow High(2000)

     We all do it, it's like as if the massive amounts of Cheddar we are eating is not enough. We have to be sadistic and go for a bad horror film even though we know it's gonna suck! Well if you are a purveyor of filth like myself, you know that there is definitely a difference good "bad " films, and BAD "bad" films! Sadly Sleepy Hollow High falls into the latter category. I was definitely in the mood for something bad, but I was hoping for another "Memorial Valley Massacre" or "Splatter University". You would figure with the tag-line "Scream meets Dawson's Creek" that it would have to be great, right? WRONG!!
     Some miscreants from the titular school have to clean up the park for detention or not graduate. Why they would sentence even the most hardened student to do this since this is where numerous citizens have disappeared is beyond me? Someone taking the Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horsemen legend a bit too serious and starts killing off the students all in one afternoon. Shot almost entirely in the daylight, I suppose they could afford lighting since this cheapie was made for $16,000. Some great bad films have been made for less, so that's not an automatic reason for supreme suckage. The acting and dialogue and script and especially editing sucks!! Oh wait! The Headless Horsemen is really ridiculous. He wears pirate pants, and swings his sword around and around in the same rotation every time you see him. There is absolutely NO blood in the film other than some being thrown onto actors feigning screams. I would have to say there is absolutely no redeeming value to this stinker. Don't waste your time bad movie fans!!

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