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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleigh Bells-Treats(2010)

Some bands are so simplistic in their approach that it makes reviewing them very easy. Sleigh Bells, are such a band, they have had hipsters drooling for about a year now, and all they have released are some demos. That is until now, their new CD "Treats" is out on M.I.A's own label. The formula is pretty simple, and this band is either a love it or hate it prospect, there will be no middle ground. Derek(ex Poison The Well, Surfer Blood) plays guitar and makes the beats, and super-cutie Alexis sings, and coos, and screams. They make a hip-hop/indie hybrid that reminds me of the earliest days of hip-hop more than anything. Derek's beats are super blown out, and over the top, and sound like your speakers are blown, but IMO this adds to the sound and aura. He also plays herky/jerky, squally, catchy guitar lines over the beats, and Alexis sings her heart out. I think this band has massive potential, even though I think it will go over many people's heads. Too "rock" for the hip-hop crowd, and too hip-hop for the indie crowd. Only time will tell if they are loved or hated, in the meantime, go on Youtube and check out the song, "Crown On The Ground". That song is the best example of their sound, and you will tell if Sleigh Bells are for you immediately.


  1. Listening to them right now. Pretty good. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't listened to a new record since 2001, so I'm a bit behind! :)

  2. Thanks Amanda, I really like their sound as well, I always respect musicians for trying to mix it up!!