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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Slayer(1982)

The Slayer is another one of my "sleeper-slasher" favorites. This is a very overlooked and underrated title to most horror fans. If you love true, atmospheric, horror films, I think you will like this one. Made on a low budget, but has very good sets and scenery and plays up the atmosphere to the hilt. Plus, The Slayer introduces the "dream killer" idea that Wes Craven would expound upon a few years later with A Nightmare On Elm Street.
The story centers around Kay, a very kooky artist, her boyfriend, her brother and his wife, who go to Tybee Island, Georgia for a vacation. Kay has been having horrific dreams her whole life, and now it seems as if the dreams are materializing. There is lots of dialogue, and a low body count, but every kill counts. After some chatting the vacationers start dying off in bloody ways(an oar splitting a head, a head decapitated in a trap door, human fishing, and an awesome pitchfork death!). Kay repeatedly tries to tell the others that she has dreamed of this, but no one believes her(too bad no one ever believes the semi-psychic kooky girls in horror). We really only get to see the namesake creature for about 15 seconds, but god damn, the thing looks really freaky and scary. Had I made this movie, I probably would have shown that scary S.O.B. more than the characters, but then the film wouldn't be as atmospheric. The "twist" ending really is silly, and it's the only really bad thing I can say about The Slayer. Us Americans still haven't received a DVD release of this treat, but there are budget Euro versions of it out there. I'll be fine with my DVDR rip until they release a Special Edition for us(wink wink Code Red). If you value atmosphere and suspense more than a big body count, definitely check this one out!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE the Slayer. It's so creepy, and as we discussed a bit earlier today, I love the adult cast. I guess cuz I'm older now I just appreaciate slashers with older actors. It's kind of an interesting route not often taken...